About Us


Full Product Development takes place in Kahramanmaras producing t-shirts, sweatpants, polo, and fleece with a daily output production capacity of 3000 Garments. Our High-Quality Production is a Standard for us whether it takes place at Mecka Main or at one of our 10 Satellites. In total, we are more than 1500 people committed to deliver the best service to our Clients.

The Creative Direction of our Clients is fully respected by an entire Dedicated Team where our Pattern Designers are comfortable to develop efficient patterns from a simple sketch or photo.

In 2019, Mecka Group launched a very special project to celebrate two decades of Business, The Mecka group Logistic Center, with total area of 4000 Sqm and 1 hour away from any port. The new facility welcomes Raw Material Warehouses, Cutting Department, Thermo-Fusion, Ready Garment Warehouse and Production Expedition. Our Main Building is now upgraded into more comfortable, spacious and efficient structure.

Total: 3600 garments per day, all produced in Kahramanmaras, Turkey



Every day the same Goal: Top Quality/Honesty/Competitive Prices

Great Working Environment, Well Trained Team, Ultimate Technology


For Mecka Group, Quality is a Global Concept: from Garment Standard and its delivery date, to a Happy Performing Team always respecting the Environment.


Pattern Development 

Great Pattern Designers 

The Creative Direction of our Clients is fully respected by our Team of pattern designers. Our Pattern Designers develop efficient patterns from a simple sketch or photo and each Client has its own Pattern Designer.

Fabric Development

Partnering with the Best Fabric Mills.

One really important Service provided is the steady partnership with the best Fabric Mills in Turkey, giving our Clients the possibility of easily developing unique fabrics at a competitive price.


Fabric Quality Control

Every fabric of the Highest Quality

Mecka Controls and quality checks every fabric received.

Mecka granted partnerships with several Fabric Laboratories and Finishing Companies, facilitating eventual fabric re-finishing, avoiding returning fabrics, saving money and time to our clients.



Our Services

We can provide the entire sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, stockholding and delivery of our client’s garments, allowing our consumers to deal directly with a single company who manufactures exactly to their needs.

Mecka has a flexible, proven track record working either as a designer or working with the clients own design team to create ranges which maximize our clients brand images and presence in their marketplace.

Our Philosphy is based on total quality and excellence in customer service. We have extensive experience in supporting large projects as well as specializing in providing small quantity support with the same levels of customer care.

Our Technical, manufacturing, sourcing, quality control and logistics capacity is second to none in the garment industry.

We manufacturer directly in our own state of the art factories allowing us to exercise complete control over the time and volume of production.

Mecka offers a comprehensive service encompassing

ü  Range development

ü  High quality garment manufacturing

ü  Competitive global sourcing

ü  ─░ndependent testing if required

ü  Highly efficient delivery service

We are confident that Mecka Group will transform the level of garment quality and service levels you require.

Our Aim and efforts are focused on winning new customers by ensure great quality, on time delivery and competitive prices.